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About one-half of Canada's annual wood harvest comes from the Boreal Forest, making a sizable contribution to the more than $400 million in annual government payments from the forest sector

Our Partners

The Canadian Boreal Initiative (CBI) works with Aboriginal peoples, businesses, governments, researchers and stakeholders from different sectors.

First Nations

CBI recognizes and respects Aboriginal and treaty rights, and is working with First Nations communities across Canada in support of their leadership role in lands and resources decisions within their traditional territories. Many of our Aboriginal partners are developing land use plans that prioritize land for conservation, sustainable development and traditional uses. These plans engage community members and incorporate traditional knowledge. We also invest in community capacity and leadership development for Aboriginal organizations.


The success of any large-scale conservation effort is dependent upon the engagement of the businesses that are actively working in the area. Many businesses believe that taking a leadership role to protect the Boreal sets them apart from their competition and makes good business sense. CBI works closely with leading Canadian timber, mineral, financial and oil and gas companies to develop sustainability plans and reduce the negative impact of development in the Boreal.

Environmental Organizations

CBI works with many environmental non-profit organizations from across Canada and the U.S. Through their campaigns, these groups help raise awareness and advocate for more protected areas and other conservation designations in Canada’s Boreal – an important component of the Boreal Forest Conservation Framework.


As approximately 90 per cent of the Boreal Forest is public or Aboriginal traditional lands, CBI works with governments at all levels to advance conservation and sustainable development solutions for the Boreal. CBI maintains working relationships with governments throughout the Boreal, helping move forward on-the ground projects, advising on progressive policy solutions, and supporting the collective knowledge base about the Boreal.

Researchers / Academics

CBI has published several reports pertaining to Boreal issues and works with several leading institutes and research organizations to provide a scientific basis for land use planning and outreach work.